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About us

We are two siblings who grew up here at Beech Hill and are now the seeds of an evolving community moved by deep listening and reconnection – to the earth, to ourselves, to each other. 

Mungo is a NO HANDS® massage therapist, Vipassana-meditator, jazz-chef, budding grower and semi-puritanical idealist.

Iona is an Ignatian Spiritual Director, iconoclastic Church-grappler, avid harvester, professional listener, and all-round balancing influence.


We are Beech Hill: living simply and regeneratively in the heart of Cheshire

through Natural Farming / Permaculture / Wilding principles,

with a core disposition of deep, attentive listening to self, land, other, and Source.

We live on a 27-acre smallholding in the green heart of Cheshire and are in the process of developing the land according to Natural Farming / Permaculture / Wilding principles. We want to grow our food mindfully whilst building soil and encouraging wildlife; to experiment with more holistic approaches to agriculture; to reconnect people with the land, including producing healthy, organically-grown fruit & veg from as many open-pollinated heritage varieties as possible; and to reclaim the healing power of intentional listening and touch.

Today you'll find us designing and planting up the kitchen garden, building Mungo's massage practice and Iona's private Spiritual Direction, serving cheshire-renowned B&Breakfasts, making colossal mistakes, celebrating small successes, and sowing 1000s upon 1000s of seeds.

By 2025 we hope to live amongst buzzing meadows, wild woods with fertile edges and forest gardens, and birdsong, as part of a small core community with the seasonal ebbs and flows of others passing through. 

Come listen with us, learn with us, stay with us.

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