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The New Massage

Massage and therapeutic touch are among the most powerful and ancient natural therapies in this world.

NO HANDS® Massage is a profound new approach to touch created by therapist Gerry in response to crippling Repetitive Strain Injury (suffered by over 50% of the massage profession worldwide) [1]. He needed something that would be both zero-strain for the practitioner and potent for the client. In developing NO HANDS he found a way of supporting his movement to provide sustainable, safe, deep touch through soft yet strong parts of the body, like the soft tissue of the forearm. Zero-strain meant he could keep doing what he loved, and his clients could continue benefitting. Win win!

I am newer to the bodywork game, and in so soon discovering NO HANDS I gladly haven't needed to sacrifice my health for my art. However what has surprised me, and kept me delving ever-deeper into this bodywork practice, is the subtlety and power that is possible when our movements are natural, supported, and easy. NO HANDS reminds me more of Tai Chi, Qi Gong, or dance than traditional Swedish massage. I find myself strengthening and loosening with every session, increasingly attuned to the nuances of the particular client before me.

From the building blocks of such a regenerative form of movement has unfolded an amazingly powerful massage that seems to unlock the deep healing power of touch itself. So often our problems stem from a disconnection from ourselves and our embodied truth. Our conscious minds may have forgotten but our bodies remember, and we may be holding onto patterns and habits long past their useful service [2]. Dis-ease of the body and dis-ease of the mind go together. Massage addresses this directly – through touch and breath and permission to let go.

NO HANDS is all about the client: what stage in your life journey you are at, what you wish to gain from bodywork, how completely you engage with the process. You as the client are in control. As a practitioner I listen to where the client is coming from, and intuitively use that to guide the treatment. That can mean unwinding and releasing muscular tension, attending to deep knots of childhood trauma, or finding a new connection with one's soul and purpose in life. Perhaps all three. Perhaps something completely unexpected. Every treatment is different. I do what I do safely and responsively, and the client takes it where they desire to go. In this way we are reclaiming the healing power of touch and of attentive listening. 

 The best way to understand is to experience it.

               To breathe


                                                and release

To discover more or to book a treatment in our fabled Mongolian Yurt please get in touch, or visit


[2] Van der Kolk, Bessel, The Body Keeps the Score: Mind, Brain and Body in the Transformation of Trauma (Penguin, 2015).

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