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Smallholding Internship 

farm helper, kitchen/market garden grower, volunteer coordinator


The Role


We’re looking for a keen veg grower to join us for the next growing season.


We are a natural farming, permaculture, re-wilding and eco-spiritual project in the heart of Cheshire, North-West England, looking forward to our 4th growing season. The site is 27 acres, some areas are mainly re-wilding themselves, some areas have native and fruiting trees planted in them and we have a (roughly) 1/2 acre kitchen garden.


We’re looking for someone who can join us in March, so we can plan the growing season together and see it through, committing to staying until the end of September/October - with regular check-ins to make sure it’s working for both of us. 


The ideal candidate will have experience growing vegetables in a large kitchen or market garden context and have ideas and enthusiasms about what they want to grow in the coming year - what do you like to eat? What have you always wanted to experiment with but haven;t had the opportunity?. If you’re excited by natural farming, permaculture, and/or re-wilding and want to work in a fairly self-directed way in a small collaborative team this might be the perfect opportunity for you.


You will be working closely with Mungo, the head grower/co-founder of the project, as well as working alone and/or helping to coordinate/manage Wwoofers as they come and go. Good communication skills and a degree of self-reliance and autonomy are essential as you will be living and working with us as well spending time alone. We hope your involvement will help shape how Beech Hill continues to evolve and unfold.


Day to day tasks will include: sowing and planting veg, watering, weeding, mulching, DIY projects, updating the growing spreadsheet, looking after chickens and hopefully pigs, maintaining a micro farm shop/nursery, participating in house/grounds maintenance, and managing Wwoofers.


There will also be the possibility of supplementary paid work cleaning the B&B rooms.


As well as veg growing we hope to be furthering other large scale projects. Current ideas include:


  • Getting some pigs (probably 3/4 weaners - we’ve never had pigs before so any experience would be a plus!)

  • Getting a bigger chicken flock (currently 13, looking to have around 30-50 and start an egg box scheme)

  • Roof rainwater collection system (engineering/building experience a plus!)  

  • Growing heritage wheat  

  • Setting up some community allotments (any experience with community engagement a plus!)     

  • We’d welcome your input and ideas on what projects complement your experience and expertise and would enhance this project


The opportunity is to work 25h a week (Mon, Wed, Thur, Fri 9.30-5 with a one hour lunch break) in exchange for room and board. If you’re local and would prefer to stay in your own house we can find a different solution and/or if financial security would prevent you from joining us please do contact us.


Please check out the rest of our website, Wwoofer listings and Instagram account to learn more about Beech Hill and if you’d love to join us but don’t think this is quite the right role for you please do get in touch, we’re always grateful to meet others getting back to the land, learning how to live deeply and regeneratively, working towards local food resilience, connecting to the life in all things, and building a supportive community.




To apply please send us an email ( with short (50-100 word) answers, or a less than 2 minute video, to the following questions.


  1. We’re sitting down to discuss what to plant in the 2021 growing season. What are your priorities?

  2. Could you tell us about an experience you’ve had growing vegetables, or any other aspects of a smallholding project, where you felt really excited, connected and passionate about what you were doing?

  3. As a community, we find the principles of natural farming as found in Fukuoka’s book ‘One Straw Revolution’ very important. What are your guiding principles of life and growing? (Why to you do it? Why is it important to you?) You don’t need to have all the answers (!) but we’d love to start a conversation about the deeper side of life and how you see the world.

  4. We’re planning a communal meal where everyone brings a different dish. What would you bring and why?


The application deadline is Feb 15th 2021, but we may close applications early if we find the right person so please apply ASAP if this is the role for you. If we seem like a good match we will schedule an online chat on a rolling basis and we’d look to introduce promising applicants to the land for face-to-face second (informal) interview in late Feb. Looking forward to meeting you!


Equal opportunities


We affirm that black, brown, indigenous, trans, bi, gay and working class lives matter and acknowledge the current team is predominantly comprised of white, cis-gendered, middle class people. We warmly encourage applications from any marginalised group, whilst we acknowledge we’re all on our own journeys discovering where and how we’re complicit in systems of oppression and seeking to dismantle them.


Deep, humble, and embodied relationship between human and more-than-human beings is foundational to the project and we acknowledge dismantling structural inequality within human systems is a part of that. With your patience, we warmly encourage applications from those that identify as BBIPOC, LGBTQ or working class.

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